Classic Siberian Caviar 30G

Classic Siberian Caviar 30G

  • Origin: Italy
  • Weight: 30G / Pack
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This caviar comes from the Siberian sturgeon.  However the species is raised in many countries because on its relative quick maturation.  Its caviar has sizes which vary with the age in shades of grey and amber.  It is a versatile caviar with a quite marked taste.

Name:        Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii)

Maturation:        5-6 years old

Size:        small to medium

Color:        shades of grey and amber

Origin:        Italy

How To Taste The Caviar ?

Caviar should be properly chilled to preserve its freshness.

It is very sensitive to temperature.  You can keep caviar in the refrigerator but not in the freezer!

You serve caviar in chilled glass dishes (bowls), preferably made of crystal.

The bowl should be placed on crushed ice.  It guarantees fresh flavour.

For caviar you use spoons made from mother of pearl, ivory or tortoiseshell.  This delicacy is treated as royalty.

Avoid using metal spoons (especially made of silver) as they can react with the caviar and impart a metallic taste.

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